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Events calendar for Nepal: Concerts and religious festivities

The thing I’ve noticed about planning a trip to Nepal through the internet is how similar all the plans that are already available are and how excruciatingly slow the internet in my house is. But let’s stick to the plans.  …

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Booking hotels in Nepal from Lebanon without Paypal

The sad thing about Lebanon, at least one of the many sad things, is the absence of Paypal. This really makes most internet transactions really tedious. While booking at the Peace Dragon Lodge directly, I was confronted with the need …

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Paragliding in Pokhara: where to go

Paragliding is honestly one of the most important activities on my to do list in Pokhara, Nepal. Paragliding is basically being strapped to a glider and running off a cliff or hill, and then soaring up and around, enjoying the …

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Where to stay in Kathmandu

Picking a hotel to stay in for each of the cities I’ll be headed to in Nepal is one of the hardest tasks in planning the trip. The way I see it, there’s three factors at least to Balance: Comfort, …

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Sweet images about Kathmanadu

I was reading the wall street Journal today and I came across a sweet photo gallery about Kathmandu Valley. The pictures are:

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So… 14 days in Nepal!

Was having another look at the tickets that my friend booked today. Apparently, I’m staying in Nepal for 14 days not 10. This came as a bit of a shock. I’m not much of a traveler so seeing the number …

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Planning phase of the Nepal trip- Kathmandu

In order to make the best of the ten or so days that will be spent in Nepal, I’ve started with setting a plan. According to the general opinion of the internet, a trip to Nepal usually goes through three …

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Next stop: Nepal

Finally made up my mind about this year’s destination; It’s a location so mystical that it has actual mist, it’s so cool because of all the snow and it’s easy to get to because as a  Lebanese I don’t need …

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