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Castle of the Malla Kings, Kathmandu

At the center of Kathmandu’s Durbar square, one can find the glorious Castle of the Malla kings. The Malla kings came to Kathmandu Valley at around 1200 AD and their rule lasted until by the end of 1700. Their architectural …

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Kathmandu: The shrine of the Rain God and arriving to the Durbar Square

After reaching the old city part of Kathmandu, Mr. Kumar guided me around the temples that are there, explaining which deity each temple represented and what the customs while visiting are. I really regret not having a voice recorder or …

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A day in Kathmandu old city, Durbar Square and Thamel: In pictures

My first full official day in Kathmandu was today and it was spectacular. I woke up at Hotel Melungtse after a great night’s sleep and the sun outside was shining in a way I’ve never quite seen it shine before. It might …

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The big day: Nepal, here I come

At 4 am tonight, I’ll be taking off from Lebanon on Qatar Airways and headed for Doha and then Kathmandu, Nepal. Finally, the adventure is about to begin.

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Cost of living as a tourist in Nepal

Packing to go to Nepal depends on what’s available once I get there. I wouldn’t pack something that can be gotten for cheap in Nepal; my allowed KGs would be better of spent to carry more important things. This is …

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What to eat in Nepal: Foods and such

I’ve been looking online about what kind of meals I can expect when i touch down in Kathmandu. So far, I’ve yet to hear any complaints about the food. It seems the Nepali cuisine is pretty good. It’s a bit …

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Swayambhunath in Kathmandu

I’ve found  another activity to do in Kathmandu: visiting Swayambhunath. the Swayambhunath stupa

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What to wear in Nepal

  I’ve been doing some research about the clothing that I’ll need for Nepal. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s one of the subjects that I still need to tend to before leaving.

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4 things to check before travelling to Nepal

Before flying over to Nepal, there’s so many things that still need to be sorted. I’ve outlined below a list of things that I still have to take care of before take off: 1 What to wear in Nepal It’s …

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Three places to stay at in Pokhara

After doing some research, I’ve outlined below the three places I’ve shortlisted for Pokhara. Pokhara is the third most populated city of Nepal and is it’s tourist hub. It lies on the picturesque Fewa lake. A panoramic view of Fewa …

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