Visiting the world peace Pagoda in Pokhara

One of the advantages of staying at the Peace Dragon Lodge is its proximity to the Peace Pagoda. That’s an understatement; it’s actually around a hundred stairs away. Now, you might think that isn’t much, but after going on the …

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Shopping in Bhaktapur: Pritty Handicrafts

Another place that has been extremely pleasant to shop at in Bhaktapur is Pritty Handicrafts. Pritty Handicrafts is run by Diwan C. Dhaubhadel, the president of the Bhaktapur Development Commitee (BTDC). Because of this, we called Diwan Mr. President.

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Shopping in Bhaktapur: Lotus Handicrafts

One of the things that I miss a lot while remembering Nepal is shopping. This is due to how warm the people of that lovely country are and how good it feels to get a good deal through bargaining. Two …

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4 Ways to get around between cities in Nepal: Pros and Cons

In order to get around inside Nepal one has a number of options, which vary in price, speed, comfort and safety. Option 1: The local bus This is by far the cheapest way to go, at around 7$, but it’s …

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Visiting Twenty Thousand lakes by bike

The most memorable day during my visit to Chitwan was the visit to Twenty Thousand (Bish Hazari) Lakes by bike. Twenty Thousand lake is a wetland reserve containing a lot of big ponds that look a lot like small lakes, …

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Taking a Jungle walk in Chitwan National Park: what to expect and how to prepare

Chitwan National Park is the oldest national park of Nepal. It was once known as the Royal Chitwan National Park before the regime change that saw the monarchy step down from the leadership of the country. It’s been granted the …

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Staying at the Sapana Lodge in Chitwan

I arrived at Sapana lodge late in the afternoon and I was winded from the long drive over from Kathmandu. I was in dire need of a shower and the place was supposed to be in the jungle. I was …

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Castle of the Malla Kings, Kathmandu

At the center of Kathmandu’s Durbar square, one can find the glorious Castle of the Malla kings. The Malla kings came to Kathmandu Valley at around 1200 AD and their rule lasted until by the end of 1700. Their architectural …

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Kathmandu: The shrine of the Rain God and arriving to the Durbar Square

After reaching the old city part of Kathmandu, Mr. Kumar guided me around the temples that are there, explaining which deity each temple represented and what the customs while visiting are. I really regret not having a voice recorder or …

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A day in Kathmandu old city, Durbar Square and Thamel: In pictures

My first full official day in Kathmandu was today and it was spectacular. I woke up at HotelĀ MelungtseĀ after a great night’s sleep and the sun outside was shining in a way I’ve never quite seen it shine before. It might …

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