Staying in the Peaceful cottage at Nagarkot

I took a long break from this blog but I’m back.

Today’s post is about staying in the Peaceful Cottage in Nagarkot. Nagarkot is at an altitude of 2,195 meters and that’s not just a number; it’s really really cold up there. I arrived at the Peaceful Cottage at around 11 at night. I had just taken a long and excruciating drive from Pokhara and I really just wanted to sleep. The trek in Dhampus had really taken its toll on me and the four hour drive right on Nepal’s infamous roads afterwards it hadn’t made things any easier.

The guys at the Peaceful cottage made sure the van was there to pick me up from Thamel though, where the driver from Pokhara got lost geographically and linguistically  The ride from Thamel to Nagarkot took around 40 minutes through a largely unlit and dog ridden night-time Bhaktapur and a moonlit forest, bringing the total time on the road that day to 5 hours.

Once at the hotel, I could hear the chants of the night time entertainment on the terrace above, but all I could think of was a shower. A hot shower. Sadly, as I came to learn the hard way, the hot water supply is shared between the guests and the hot water takes ages to work in the cold temperatures of the night. Long story short, no hot water. I was alright with that. I just took off my clothes and smashed right into bed to the sound of the music above. In hindsight, I should’ve gone up there and attended the show, but it ended soon after.

Next morning though, I woke up next morning to a jaw dropping view.

nagarkot view

The view from my bed.

Those birds? They’re falcons. Flocks of flocking Falcons (pun unintended). The flockers (alright I’ll stop) were flying around in the dozens and they cries filled the morning sky.

How often do you get to wake up to the cries of falcons with the Himalayas in the background?

After taking a hot shower (you gotta take your chances before the other guests beat you to it) I headed up to the Cafe du Mont, the restaurant part of the hotel.

On the terrace above, with the same awesome view, I got to eat what I would say is one of the best meals I’ve enjoyed in Nepal; the Cafe du Mont breakfast.

breakfast nagarkot

The breakfast of champions

Look at that meal. Mmmm’mm. Another? Yes kind sir, don’t mind if I do. That plat is sizzling to keep the toast crunch and the food warm and then, when you think you’re done, they get you a pancake with the bananas cooked into it and all the honey that you could want. My oh my what a meal.

In the meantime, you get to look at this.



To be honest, I was perfectly lazy during my visit to Nagarkot. I hear that you could visit the watch tower and the local village and even paragliding (it’s a growing activity in that area and less crowded than Pokhara) but I was content to just chill the flock out (oops)



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