Thank you Nepal

Nepal is magical.

If I could sum up my whole journey in three words, that’s what I’d say.

If you walk down the streets of history, cultures and nature, you can’t walk out unchanged.

Your perspective will widen, your senses will grow richer and your heart will be full of love and serenity. You’ll find misery, happiness, man’s triumphs and failures laid bare.

Months later, I still haven’t really left. I still wish I could wake up to a breakfast of eggs and mash with a side of porridge and honey.

I wish I could spend my time gazing at immortal mountains and mystical culture instead of grinding, day to day, like every other sad soul, missing out on a richer life.

I’m in Amsterdam now, and it’s such a different experience which I’ll get to write about soon.

But my first and only love will be Nepal; a country that welcomed me the way I am and gave me the chance to leave knowing a few more secrets.

From the streets of Thamel, to the jungles of Chitwan, to the summits of Dhampus, Nagarkot and sarangkot, the lake of Pokhara and temples of Bhaktapur, to the pathways that only the heart can take, I can still hear that mantra carved in my head: “Om Mani Padme Hum”

About Hanna

My Name is Hanna. I’m a digital marketer and part time writer! I’ve started this blog to keep track of my trip to Nepal, from A to Z. Stay tuned if you’re interested in visiting that magical place because everything related to the trip will be posted on here.
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  3. she says:

    Thank you for thanking Nepal :)
    You’re welcome! (to visit again)

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