Trekking from Kande to Dhampus to Phedi: Australian Camp

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The walk up to Australian camp was tiring; it really drains you to go up so many uneven stairs. But along the way, I met some extremely interesting people.

That lady was carrying a bag of apple up the mountain. She offered us apples that she split with her bare hands.

The lady’s son, taking a break.

Another thing we were able to see is how the Nepali live in a place so distant from the cities.

We had a look at their houses, their habits and later their meals and hospitality; they were extremely welcoming and are really the salt of the earth.

A wooden shack that houses a Nepali Family, on the way up to Australian camp.

A Nepali woman doing the dishes.

After walking a while, we can upon our first sight of Australian camp.

The hill on the right side of Australian camp.

Australian camp sign.

Walking into the camp, I took a breath of air for the like of which I long now, weeks after leaving Nepal. Imagine the purest most natural cool wind that literally removes the pains from your lungs, and you’re close.

Remember to breathe as you look through the following pictures.

Walking into the australian camp, nepal

Walking into the camp.

view of the annapurnas from australian camp.

A breathtaking view of the annapurnas.

Walking through Australian camp.

I really can’t bear to write more. I want to go back so much. I’ll upload the rest of the pictures in the next post.

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4 Responses to Trekking from Kande to Dhampus to Phedi: Australian Camp

  1. Sujoy Das says:

    HI Hanna, nice post – do you remember how long did the walk take from Kande to Australian camp – a couple of hours? ?

    • Hanna says:

      Hello Sujoy! A very late reply one my part! It took around three to four hours if I remember correctly. It was quite a steep climb, mostly up “stairs” but the views on the way are beautiful and it isn’t too difficult even for someone that’s a bit out of shape.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Amber says:

    Hello Hanna, did you hike with a guide? Is it possible to do the same hike without a guide?


    • Hanna says:

      Hey Amber!

      Yes, I hiked with a guide which the tour guide arranged. I think it would be possible to go without a guide if you’re experienced enough but since it was my first time in Nepal I felt more comfortable knowing that there’s a local with me that speaks the language and has done the hike before.


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