Trekking from Kande to Dhampus to Phedi: Pothana

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Here we go

This is where I left at the last post.


After having a nice tradiotional Nepali lunch at Australian Camp, we made our way towards Dhampus, our energy restored by Chow Mein and Dal Bhat.

The feast.

I admit, I felt extremely reluctant at leaving Australian Camp. I was so enthralled by the beauty of it all that I wanted to stay a while there, perhaps spend the night. However, I was on an organized trek and had a schedule to keep by.

Some kids extremely happy with their crips. How I wish I could feel that way about something that simple again.

As we made our way out, we were faced with a choice; making our way towards Dhampus straight away or taking a small detour and visiting Pothana.

Being weary, we almost opted for the first. How I’m glad we didn’t.

Pothana is last place you can reach without a permit to trek in the Annapurnas. It’s an outpost on the way up the mountain, completely secluded.

The entrance to Pothana, nepal

The entrance to Pothana

Pothana is one place to which pictures can’t do justice. Finding a small community in the middle of nowhere in one of the most scenic places you’ll ever be, it’s really something. Proudly standing atop a hill with Fishtail watching from afar, Pothana is a town of taverns, meant for the weary feet of trekkers.

pothana merchant

A Nepali man on the side of the street in Pothana.

pothana field

Filming the town.


the streets of pothana

Walking down the streets of Pothana.

pothana sign

The further point that I could get to without a permit.

After taking a walk around town, we sat and had a cup of tea and basked in the fresh air of the mountains.

Again, I was reluctant to move. I really wished that I had sign up for a long trek. I was finally seeing the raw side of Nepal; the real Nepal.


This is Nepal.

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