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How to read custom site data from the GTM dataLayer

Google Tag Manager(GTM) has some pretty good documentation about how to implement it with Google Analytics and other Google products. However, I wanted to pass some custom site variables directly into GTM and then to feed that data into a custom HTML tag that’s sitting inside the GTM container. I figured I’d outline the solution here in simple terms for all to see.

The Data Flow

Data flow
The data flow as I envisaged it.

GTM offers a simple way to pass custom site data into its container. This is done through the dataLayer object.

The dataLayer is an array that GTM asynchronously reads. Basically, it’s a table with your data as pairs of values.

For example, you want to pass your page category and the type of visitor that’s on the site in to your dataLayer. Continue reading How to read custom site data from the GTM dataLayer

How to use a DMP – technically speaking

DMP this, DMP that
DMP trend
Searches on Google for DMP, source Google trends.

There’s a lot of talk in the market on how a DMP and data driven approach can help marketers better reach their users and how a DMP can provide a better online experience. This talk is normally quite high level though, sticking to the idealistic gains one would hope to achieve by using this tech, so I think it would be interesting to talk in more technical details about how a DMP can improve your business as an advertiser, agency or publisher. In other words, talk about how it actually works rather than just spouting corporate speak about ‘data is good and life is data is life and data and the technology and data…’ Data. What a funny sounding word, data is. Continue reading How to use a DMP – technically speaking